Konstantinos Koutras, Consul General of Greece
Honorary Chairperson
Amb. Vasilios Philippou, Cyprus Consul General
Honorary Chairperson
James DeMetro, Director
Stamatis Ghikas, Manager
George Balafoutis and Maria Psomiades
Co-Associate Directors
Eva Mallis and Vickie Rekoutis
Special Assistants
John Callimanis, Programming Consultant
Minos Papas, Technical Consultant
Amalia Cosmetatou, Advisor

Committee Members

Olga Alexakos
Helen Bender
Lydia Vangelos Callimanis
Lambros Dounchis
Maria Dounchis
Frances Gretes
Penelope Karageorge
Aspasia Katerinis
Emanuel Katsoulis
James Koutrelakos
Nicholas Patouris
Mary Sapounakis
George Stephanopoulos
Bill Takos
Eli Zaoutis

Mission Statement

The mission of the New York City Greek Film Festival is to establish a presence for Greek films in New York City and environs. The festival aspires to bring the best work of Greek filmmakers, past and present, to New York and to show the films in the most up-to-date screening facilities.

Working in an economic environment that makes the financing of motion pictures particularly difficult, today’s Greek filmmakers are reinventing themselves and enlivening the critical discourse. They are drawing the attention of audiences worldwide and winning major awards at international film festivals.

The New York City Greek Film Festival is proud to be a part of this exciting renaissance and is committed to bringing these films to New York and to the world’s most discriminating audience.

Who We Are

The New York City Greek Film Festival is presented by the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce (HACC) in conjunction with the Hellenic American Cultural Foundation (HACF).

The HACC was founded over sixty years ago to promote commercial and cultural ties between Greece and the US. Today it is a thriving organization of successful entrepreneurs devoted to strengthening the bond between the two countries.

The HACF was established in 2010 to promote Hellenic heritage and culture.

The New York City Greek Film Festival is funded by supporters from the business, public service, and private sectors. The Onassis Foundation (USA) is the festival’s principal benefactor.