Χορηγός – Horigos (χορός + ἄγω): “The Sponsor” – (art + support)

The Sponsor is a person or entity who has benefited / favored from the community. So in good will returns part of his wealth back to the community contributing to community’s well being.
Actually, The Sponsor is the Producer of Culture supporting/conducting art and thus creating ethos to the people around him.

Alexandrion Foundation emerged from the numerous philanthropic activities carried out by the Alexandrion Group*.  For more than 20 years, its mission is to conduct all the group’s social and cultural projects under the patronage of a strong corporate responsibility platform.

The Foundation has been a constant supporter of sports, starting with its lucrative sponsorship of the Romanian Sportive and Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games in 2004, 2008 and 2012, that created high level training conditions, contributing to the improved performance of young athletes.

Nowadays, the Foundation, through the annually organized, Alexandrion Trophies, honors the international performances of Romanian athletes.

However, the primary focus of the Foundation is the promotion of culture, mainly through Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala and Matei Brâncoveanu Awards Gala organized in Romania annually since 2014, and the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards organized in New York as of 2018.

We always believed that outstanding performance in fields such as science, history, culture, music and arts are the true pillars that are bringing a change in society. The Brâncoveanu Awards are meant to promote the values ​​and the vision of a great ruler who has maintained peace in Romania for 25 years and who has been a great supporter of arts, science and culture.

The Foundation also contributes to initiatives of restoring churches, books editing and even to organize creative camps.


* Alexandrion Group is the market leader in production and distribution of Wines and Spirits in Romania.  With Offices in Romania, USA, Brazil, Cyprus and Greece, we are currently building the biggest distillery in New York, USA.  We are also active in the hospitality industry, being owners of hotels and with travel agencies.