About us

NYCGRFF is based in New York City, USA

The festival opened in 2007 as a showcase of new and older Greek film productions. It introduced the New York Greek audience to Greek filmmakers and their works. The public embraced Greek cinema with enthusiasm and the festival gained many supporters and followers.

After a steady and successful course, beginning in 2018, the New York City Greek Film Festival has broadened its content, functions and activities to include an international meeting platform which welcomes cinematographers from around the world.

Our program now includes:

  1. International Competition Program for films with a Greek element – fiction and documentaries, both short and feature length – judged during the festival with awards in two categories

    1. best feature film (fiction or documentary)

    2. best short film (fiction or documentary)

  2. International Competition Program for short films – judged online before the festival. The best film is awarded a screening during the festival.

  3. Greek film Program with Audience Awards (by vote), and monetary prizes in all four categories

    1. best feature film (fiction)

    2. best documentary

    3. best short film

    4. best new director

  4. Special tributes for great Greek films of all time and tributes for exceptional Greek filmmakers.

  5. Opportunities for international cooperation between Greek and international filmmakers at a technical and artistic level.

  6. Parallel events of cultural and educational nature that serve to promote Greek culture and world cinema.

The purpose of the Festival is:

The presentation of Greek cinema to the New York audience.

Entertainment and education of the public on the occasion of cinematographic art, with screenings of films, organization of artistic events of all arts, seminars and discussions.

Creating and presenting tributes to cinema creators, artists – actors – musicians – costumers – critics – technicians – script writers and their work. Seminars and open discussions between artists and audiences


Our goal:

1. The communication of Greek cinema to international and Greek audiences, the education and entertainment of the public.

2. The communication of Greek Culture in the city of New York, but also in other states of the USA, in any part of the world, through cultural and educational activities, either in the time frame of the films or at regular intervals throughout the year. Either alone or in cooperation with another cultural entity.

3. The organization and development of all cinematic art activities in Greece and abroad, working with artistic and other actors in Greece, New York and abroad. To carry out either on his own or in collaboration with third parties, the recording and reproduction of all kinds of events in sound and image as well as in the publication of books, magazines and publications.



Annual Regular Grant from Institutions, Private Sponsors, Revenue from Tickets from Electronic Advertising or any other form.


In cooperation with Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce (HACC).