The proclamation of Alexander the Great as king of Macedonia (Miniature in byzantine manuscript, codex 5, 14th century)


“The Legend of Alexander the Great as Ancient Greek and Byzantine Legacy“

The exhibition: “The Legend of Alexander the Great as Ancient Greek and Byzantine Legacy” consists an innovative way to present through digital applications, the Life of Alexander the Great, the Hellenic Macedonian military commander who was born in Pella in 356B.C. and was meant to become a ruler of the whole Oecoumene and to spread the Hellenic ideas and values to the edge of the world. The exhibition is based on the miniatures of a byzantine manuscript entitled: “A truly Exquisite and Admirable Narrative of King and Ruler of the World, Alexander the Great”, kept in the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies of Venice. Dated in the 14th c., the unique byzantine manuscript, was copied for the emperor of Trebizond, Alexios III Megas Komnenos (1338-1390) for his personal library.

In the 250 miniatures that accompany the text of the Narrative, the most important facts of the life of Alexander the Great are depicted: the birth, his proclamation as King of Macedonia, his campaign to the East and West, his fights with the Persians, the submission to him of all the cities of Asia Minor, Judea, Africa, Great Armenia, Baktriani, Sogdiani and Indica, his fights with mythical monsters, which he defeats, his return to Babylon, and finally his death and the division of his kingdom by his successors. Visitors will have the opportunity to see these miniatures using state-of-the-art digital media thus being able to go through and admire the manuscript’s pages and at the same time acquire information on how the legend of Alexander the Great spread from the Ancient Greek to the Byzantine world.


Xotaris Art Gallery


The works presented during the Cinema Festival, are the first to be delivered by the artists to XOTARIS Gallery. Some 30 recognized engravers among the best in the world participate in the project, which shall have been completed by Autumn 2021 and shall comprise approximately 150 works.

Some 8 works by 6 artists are exposed here.

Peter Velikov, Bulgary. 

Aleksander Fedorov, Russia. 

Ioannis Kyriakides, Greece. 

Jurij Jakovenko, Belarus. 

Rakesh Bani, India. 

Eugenia Timoshenko, Belarus. 

Those works, among other, show how much the life and the course of Alexander the Great inspired artists worldwide.

It is a great honour for Xotaris Art Gallery to present part of its collection in such an important cultural event in New York where the Greek Community is strongly represented.

Christos Giannakos

Managing Director