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1968 – Tassos Boulmetis

Documentary/Fiction, 94 ΄, 2018

Synopsis: April 4th, 1968. The Kallimarmaro Stadium is abuzz, with thousands of people gathered and millions listening through their radios. The AEK – Slavia […]

A Girl in Black – Mihalis Cacoyannis

Fiction, 100 ΄, 1956

Synopsis: On the Greek fishing island of Hydra, Marina is persecuted by her neighbors for her love-starved widow mother’s indiscretions. As a rejected suitor […]

Across Her Body – Zacharias Mavroeidis

Documentary, 85΄, 2018

Synopsis: Every year, on July 31st, Mrs, Irene and the rest remaining “fifteeners” return to the obsolete Monastery of the Accession, on Therasia, the little know […]

Chinatown: The Three Shelters – Aliki Danezi Knutsen

Fiction, 91 ΄, 2018

Synopsis: Cleo, a Greek-Chinese girl brought up with love and light in the hills of Cyprus, finds out on her 18th birthday that her long-deceased father was […]

Citizen Xenos – Lucas Paleocrassas

Documentary, 63 ΄, 2018

Synopsis: Set against the turbulent atmosphere of the refugee-ridden island of Lesbos, Citizen Xenos is a feature length documentary exploring the intense life […]

Cowboy – Giannis Haritidis

Fiction, 22’. 2017

Synopsis: In a few days, Minas is going to participate in the tv show “Talent of the year”. He must win to fulfill his dreams. What’s his talent? He is a cowboy. […]

Erfi – Elbina Botonaki

Fiction, 28’. 2017

Synopsis: A timeless reading of the woman’s oppressed position and the expression of its sexuality, located in a small village of Crete under the name of Erfi. […]

Flowers fade early: Kakopetros, August 28, 1944 – Matthaios Frantzeskakis, Vicky Arvelaki

Documentary, 64 ΄, 2018

Synopsis: Dawn of August 28, 1944, Crete. During the German occupation, the conquerors surround the small village Kakopetros, located today at the […]

Hearts For Dinner – Renee Koutoula

Fiction, 20’. 2017

Synopsis: Antigoni, an immigrant to a small Greek village, works as a housekeeper for her cousin. One day she is assigned to cook artichokes for her cousin‘s […]

Heimlich – Kostas Bakouris

Fiction, 19΄, 2017

Synopsis: Heimlich is homely. Paris lives in an unhomely home. Serena wants a home, in a place you wouldn’t exactly call Paris. They drink. They talk. They […]

Hippocampus – Themis Katsimihas

Fiction, 10’. 2017

Synopsis: A couple that was never separated, during the three most important moments of their lives: when they met, at the peak of their love and when one […]

Ifigenia – Aliki Tsakoumi

Fiction, 7 ΄, 2017

Synopsis: Ifigenia’s body after her death ceased to belong to her.

Instance – Konstantinos Xenakis

Fiction, 6’. 2017

Synopsis: A mother cleans her house while waiting for her son to return from an anarchists’ protest in a short story that, according to the director, draws from […]

Maniera Greca – Kirineos Papadimatos

Fiction, 13 ΄, 2017

Synopsis: As dawn is approaching, the few clients left at a Greek night club are clapping out of habit for the opening singer while she finishes her appearance […]

Me and my shadow – Nikos Papazoglou

Documentary, 100΄, 2018

Synopsis: A group of friends begins a journey to get to know Nikos Papazoglou, the person behind the music. Τhey visit the places where he lived, loved, […]

Meltemi – Zeta Spyraki

Fiction, 18’. 2016

Synopsis: Our story is set in Andros, known for its Meltemia, the unexpected, strong Cycladic winds. On Good Friday, Polyxeni, a 70year-old mother, […]

My Homeland’s Flag Is Blue – Stelios Charalambopoulos

Documentary, 109 ΄, 2016

Synopsis: Vourvoura, a village in the mountains of Goethe’s Arcadia. A self-sufficient community living off their own produce while their children go to school […]

My Mother, the Tobacco Grower – Stathis Galazoulas

Documentary, 21’, 2016

Synopsis: My grandmother Chrisoula had worked in tobacco fields since childhood. In December 2014 she went along with my brother Chris to watch a play […]

Nemercka – Avrilios Karakostas

Fiction, 13’. 2016

Synopsis: Missing her will take him to a journey. He will cross by foot the place they met and lived, so that in a way he can see her again.

Ourania – Despoina Kourti

Fiction, 16’. 2017

Synopsis: Ourania is a middle-aged woman who has neglected herself. An unknown young man who suddenly appears in her life will help her rediscover her […]

Success Story – Nikos Perakis

Fiction, 110 ΄, 2017

Synopsis: Against the background of a country on the brink of crisis, two worlds collide: the over-heated bourgeois milieu of Pandoras, an intellectual […]

The After Life – Christos Sagias

Fiction, 17 ΄, 2017

Synopsis: Michalis, unable to accept the loss of his wife, keeps cooking every day for two, in an attempt to keep her memory alive. Despite the efforts of […]

The Great Fire of Salonica: Birth of a city – Grigoris Vardarinos

Documentary, 62 ΄, 2017

Synopsis: An archive-based documentary narrating the experiences of Thessalonikians during the biggest and most destructive fire in the history of their city. […]

The Ticket – Haris Stathopoulos

Fiction, 17’. 2016

Synopsis: We follow the course of a ticket for Public Transportation as it passes from hand to hand. Each person that holds the ticket carries his own story […]

Visit – Yannis Zafiris

Fiction, 7’. 2017

Synopsis: A road, a family, a visit.