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A tree remembers – Documentary, 88΄, 2018

Synopsis: This is the story of Lidice, leveled and literally eradicated by the Nazis in retaliation for the murder of Reinhard Heydrich. However, despite the heavy death toll…

Akra – Documentary, 52΄, 2019

Synopsis: In October 2018, an ultra swimmer falls into the sea to swim 140 kilometers, a distance that seems impossible to the common mind. His dream is to…

Avanos – Fiction, 20΄, 2018

Synopsis: Tasos, an ex-convict, is feeling responsible for his friend’s accident at their workplace, the […]

Ave Eva – Fiction, 13΄, 2018

Synopsis: What happens in the mind of seven years old Eva who accidentally sees her […]

Blessings and vows (Evlogies ke tamata) – Documentary, 15΄, 2018

Synopsis: An octogenarian villager, Mrs. Metaxia Anaplioti, kept her vow for 49 years, lighting a […]

Calling – Fiction, 16΄, 2017

Synopsis: A violent event fractures the relationship between a Mexican American seamstress and her intellectually […]

Chopper – Fiction, 9΄, 2019

Synopsis: Angie refuses to let her grandfather, an ex-biker who suffers from dementia, be taken […]

Clementine – Fiction, 85΄, 2019

Synopsis: In an unspecified Mediterranean island a boy comes across two peculiar men in striped costumes. Soon, the boy realizes that life also has two faces..

Cloud – Fiction, 20΄, 2019

Synopsis: Paul is a veteran rock musician. His daughter, Anna, is secretly a phone-sex worker. […]

Crete arising – Documentary, 58΄, 2019

Synopsis: Every year, Crete ranks as one of the top summer vacation spots in the world. Few people realize, however, that it is full of mountains and receives…

Crossing (Diavasi) – Fiction, 5΄, 2018

Synopsis: A young woman is having a pleasant walk in the forest. Or is she? […]

Epiphany – Fiction, 85΄, 2018

Synopsis: Left as a baby by her father, Luka was raised by her aunt Maria and Uncle Peter in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Following the death of her aunt, Peter is left reeling from grief and resentment and Luka searches to connect with the father she hardly knows while…

Exarcheia, the chanting of the birds – Documentary, 73΄, 2019

Synopsis: A dreamy nocturnal stroll through one of Greece’s most politically active neighborhoods, situated in the heart of Athens, just below the Acropolis. In this lively and mythical space, you meet a coterie of characters whose ideals and aspirations are…

Filothei the Athenian – The revolution of a woman – Documentary, 58΄, 2019

Synopsis: A dramatized historical documentary on the life and revolutionary activity of Philothei, a woman who dared to defy the authority of Suleiman the Magnificent. She freed men and women from the slave markets and provided refuge for…

Fourth wall (Tetartos toihos) – Documentary, 10΄, 2018

Synopsis: Based on the notes of a ten-month trek, this documentary enters the side of […]

Goldfish (Hrisopsaro) – Fiction, 8΄, 2019

Synopsis: 7year-old Stratis is excited to get a new pet fish for his birthday. His […]

Grief (A place none of us know until we reach it) – Fiction, 8΄, 2018

Synopsis: A mother and a daughter are on a day's journey in Sicily, looking for […]

In This Land Nobody Knew How To Cry – Fiction, 90΄, 2018

Synopsis: Something magical is happening in a small unchartered island, somewhere in the Aegean Sea. Two unsuspected foreigners, a French member of the European Parliament and a young…

Incidentally (Parempiptontos) – Fiction, 15΄, 2018

Synopsis: During the preparation of a festive dinner, Elpida will answer in a survey. Distracted […]

Living Dangerously – Fiction, 101’, 1987

Synopsis: On the day of the World Cup Final, Karamanos, an employee of the Hellenic Telecom Organization, connects his CEO’s personal computer to a complex explosive device. He threatens to blow up the floor and…

Loafing + Camouflage – Fiction, 96’, 1984

Synopsis: In 1967, infantryman Papadopoulos is transferred from an outpost on the snow-bound Greek-Bulgarian border to a unit in Athens, near his wife and his newborn twin daughters. He becomes part of a group of soldiers, who…

Lost happiness (Special screening – Out of competition) – Fiction, 10΄, 2018

Synopsis: The boots of war destroy children’s smiles. Childhood happiness is lost, lives are changing, […]

Marble Homeland – Documentary, 57΄, 2018

Synopsis: A film about the power of art, freedom, and the way we exist and go about living. A story about the island of Naxos, marble and the thread that…

Nia on vacation – Fiction, 88΄, 2019

Synopsis: Nia is a native New Yorker weeks shy of her college graduation when she receives news of her estranged father’s passing. Her brother Peter is a native Greek she hardly…

Nostos – Fiction, 5΄, 2018

Synopsis: Nostos portrays the power of raw emotion from the recollection of fragile memories, meeting […]

Patision Avenue (Leoforos Patision) – Fiction, 13΄, 2018

Synopsis: Yanni’s mom is on her way to audition for a role as Shakespeare’s Viola, […]

Pause – Fiction, 96΄, 2018

Synopsis: In a desperate attempt to escape from

Pharmakos – Fiction, 14΄, 2017

Synopsis: A silent couple disembarks on a Greek island where they reenact the ancient Pharmakos […]

Plain truth (Mavri alithia) – Documentary, 9΄, 2019

Synopsis: A shepherd finds himself in between his everyday duties and his passion for singing. […]

Portraits – Documentary, 23΄, 2019

Synopsis: Nineteen women of different age and race take their place in front of the […]

Rita – Documentary, 22΄, 2018

Synopsis: Rita, an old-school prostitute, talks about facts and aspects of her life and character. […]

Romaniotes, The Greek Jews of Ioannina – Documentary, 67΄, 2019

Synopsis: Romaniotes, the Greek Jewish community, is an integral part of the cultural mosaic of the city of Ioannina since the Byzantine era and faced the…

Roots (Rizes) – Documentary, 27΄, 2019

Synopsis: Α documentary about the daily life of elderly women who live alone in remote […]

Sirens in the Aegean – Fiction, 111’, 2005

Synopsis: A Turkish yacht puts three illegal immigrants and castaways ashore on a little Greek island. Apart from the crew, there are three women on board, two of them beauty contestants and…

Sombra City – Fiction, 10΄, 2019

Synopsis: In the year 2037, a corporate assassin revisits a city lost in time and […]

Spring – Documentary, 10΄, 2019

Synopsis: The film follows two young lesbians from Syria who, after leaving behind their homes […]

Springtime rest – Fiction, 15΄, 2018

Synopsis: A young man goes on a journey. His purpose is to meet his grandmother. […]

Still River – Fiction, 128΄, 2018

Synopsis: Anna and Petros, a Greek couple who recently moved to an industrial Siberian town on account of Petros’ work, are shocked to discover Anna is pregnant with no prior intercourse. Did she cheat? Are they victims of a conspiracy? Or…

The Campfire Project – Documentary, 58΄, 2018

Synopsis: A film documenting the four-week journey of 15 international theatre artists, a psychiatrist, a NYC schoolteacher, a translator and a documentary crew, as they aspire to create an Arabic language version of Shakespeare’s…

The canaries (Ta kanarinia) – Documentary, 17΄, 2019

Synopsis: Petrina and Stathis fell in love when they were little kids. However, they went […]

The castle – Fiction, 37΄, 2018

Synopsis: There’s only 23 days left until the house is demolished. Arya is back home to pack his books. He asks for help from a rubbish-collector boy…

The First Line (a.k.a. Promakhos) – Fiction, 91΄, 2014

Synopsis: Two Athenian attorneys pursue litigation against the British Museum for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. Andreas returns from New York to his homeland of Greece by invitation of…

The island man – Documentary, 20΄, 2018

Synopsis: Even though he has been dead for over a decade, buried on the Greek […]

The Mountain Tears – Fiction, 111΄, 2018

Synopsis: A company of stonemasons wanders the Greek mountains during the early stages of the tumultuous 20th century. War, social conflict, the tidal wave of modern capitalism and the hesitant dawn of the socialist ideal are the volatile backdrop of the…

The new Greek Americans Documentary, 69΄, 2019

Synopsis: Produced by the Greek Heritage Society of Southern California and narrated by Olympia Dukakis, an enlightening documentary that examines the Greek community life from the changing times of the 60s till…

The Silence of the Dying Fish – Fiction, 19΄, 2018

(I sigi ton psarion otan pethainoun) Synopsis: Makis is a fish farm worker. On his […]

The story of Yannis – Documentary – 14΄, 2019

Synopsis: The life journey of a Pontic Greek from Crimea who found refuge in Piraeus […]

The Waiter – Fiction, 94΄, 2018

Synopsis: Renos a professional waiter, ambiguous, loner, yet a meticulous observant of people, unwillingly gets entangled to the mysterious disappearance of his neighbour Milan. “The Blond” and Tzina, two people that…

Third kind – Fiction, 32΄, 2018

Synopsis: Earth has been abandoned long time now and the human race has found refuge […]

To the moon and back (Pera apo t’ asteria) – Fiction, 11΄, 2018

Synopsis: After a romantic evening of star-gazing, Alex and Stella return to their apartment for […]

We are not together Documentary, 68΄, 2019

Synopsis: A multi-form documentary that takes the refugee and immigration narrative out of the hands of large media companies and allows us to hear directly from those most affected. Shot in part by its subjects, the film offers a hard gaze into the…