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A tree remembers – Documentary, 88΄, 2018

Synopsis: This is the story of Lidice, leveled and literally eradicated by the Nazis in […]

Akra – Documentary, 52΄, 2019

Synopsis: In October 2018, an ultra swimmer falls into the sea to swim 140 kilometers, […]

Clementine – Fiction, 85΄, 2019

Synopsis: In an unspecified Mediterranean island a boy comes across two peculiar men in striped […]

Crete arising – Documentary, 58΄, 2019

Synopsis: Every year, Crete ranks as one of the top summer vacation spots in the […]

Epiphany – Fiction, 85΄, 2018

Synopsis: Left as a baby by her father, Luka was raised by her aunt Maria […]

Exarcheia, the chanting of the birds – Documentary, 73΄, 2019

Synopsis: A dreamy nocturnal stroll through one of Greece’s most politically active neighborhoods, situated in the […]

Filothei the Athenian – The revolution of a woman – Documentary, 58΄, 2019

Synopsis: A dramatized historical documentary on the life and revolutionary activity of Philothei, a woman […]

In This Land Nobody Knew How To Cry – Fiction, 90΄, 2018

Synopsis: Something magical is happening in a small unchartered island, somewhere in the Aegean Sea. […]

Living Dangerously – Fiction, 101’, 1987

TRIBUTE TO NIKOS PERAKIS’ COMEDIES The festival honors the leader of contemporary social satire in […]

Loafing + Camouflage – Fiction, 96’, 1984

TRIBUTE TO NIKOS PERAKIS’ COMEDIES The festival honors the leader of contemporary social satire in […]

Marble Homeland – Documentary, 57΄, 2018

Synopsis: A film about the power of art, freedom, and the way we exist and […]

Nia on vacation – Fiction, 88΄, 2019

Synopsis: Nia is a native New Yorker weeks shy of her college graduation when she […]

Pause – Fiction, 96΄, 2018

Synopsis: In a desperate attempt to escape from the misery of an oppressive and loveless […]

Romaniotes, The Greek Jews of Ioannina – Documentary, 67΄, 2019

Synopsis: Romaniotes, the Greek Jewish community, is an integral part of the cultural mosaic of […]

Sirens in the Aegean – Fiction, 111’, 2005

TRIBUTE TO NIKOS PERAKIS’ COMEDIES The festival honors the leader of contemporary social satire in […]

Still River – Fiction, 128΄, 2018

Synopsis: Anna and Petros, a Greek couple who recently moved to an industrial Siberian town […]

The Campfire Project – Documentary, 58΄, 2018

Synopsis: A film documenting the four-week journey of 15 international theatre artists, a psychiatrist, a […]

The First Line (a.k.a. Promakhos) – Fiction, 91΄, 2014

Synopsis: Two Athenian attorneys pursue litigation against the British Museum for the return of the […]

The Mountain Tears – Fiction, 111΄, 2018

Synopsis: A company of stonemasons wanders the Greek mountains during the early stages of the […]

The new Greek Americans Documentary, 69΄, 2019

Synopsis: Produced by the Greek Heritage Society of Southern California and narrated by Olympia Dukakis, […]

The Waiter – Fiction, 94΄, 2018

Synopsis: Renos a professional waiter, ambiguous, loner, yet a meticulous observant of people, unwillingly gets […]

We are not together Documentary, 68΄, 2019

Synopsis: A multi-form documentary that takes the refugee and immigration narrative out of the hands […]