The NYCGRFF continues its successful course and sets additional goals aspiring to stand internationally.

The emergence of Greek culture through the art of filmmaking.
The creation of opportunities for co-operation on international technical and artistic level for both Greeks all participating filmmakers.

Furthermore, the NYCGRFFC mission is

To assist international audiovisual productions and production companies that have chosen Greece as their production site in matters of networking with the relevant Greek sectors; and film companies and related supporting services so that they can carry out their projects in the most professional manner e.g. pre-production, production, production conditions, post-production and contact with internationally renowned Greek artistic and technical experts (and facilities) who are familiar with what these companies would expect coming to Greece.

Participation requirement of films from anywhere in the world must include an element of Greekness such as the major use of the Greek language; a Greek story (at a social or historical level); s Greek director or of Greek origin; Greek artists or protagonists or technicians or funding from Greek sources; or even shooting much of the film in Greece.


This will give world scale impetus to the Greek element through the 7th art!
It will be a great welcome to Hellenism, here in the metropolis of the world!

Maria Tzompanaki

Director, NYC Greek Film Festival
Ambassador of Cretan Culture
Chairwoman of the Culture Center “ORFEUS”